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Veronica Gessa : Cuban American Artist Mokibaby began her creative career in the theater graduating from New World School of the Arts in Miami. Her passion for expression through film and analog electronics combined with crafty innovation led her to  fabricate  custom vintage television installations in 2013 for III Points Festival. While working at Supermarket Creative Agency her knack for ideating impactful consumer experiences for brands like Heineken and Citi Bike lead her down the rabbit hole of experiential production design and integrating emotional and physical connections with branded media.

Since then her work has connected people to brands spanning from music,fashion, film, & art. Blurring the lines between analog technology and interactive experiential art, she creates pieces that simultaneously entertain, educate and engage audiences with studios in Miami, New York, Los Angeles. Veronica is currently the Art Director for Rhonda INTL having designed over 100 shows worldwide.

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